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The path of the party consists of starter, main course and dessert (ther service also includes drinks), speeches, songs and program numbers. There will also be breaks that pace the evening.  During dinner, there are some breaks or conferences during which you can powder your nose, socialize with people sitting at another table or enjoy your own beverages. At other times, it is polite to avoid extra movement in the ball during the party,  but if necessary, you can leave your place for a moment, other than during a break, silently without disturbing other guests when there is no speech, song or program number.   

During songs, speeches and other program numbers, it is polite to sit quietly and take a break from eating and drinking.  

Enjoying a cold appetizers will not start until after the appetizer has arrived across the table. Warm food can be started when the nearest table company have received their portion. It is not appropriate to get off the table until the warm food has been enjoyed. The dessert is started again at the same time. Wine is served with food and avec with coffee. Of course the setting includes glasses for schnapps. Note that at annual parties, the amount of servings are limited, usually one or two.   

During an avec served with coffee, more experienced anniversary guests fold their so-called cognac ears (konjakkikorvat) to decorate their heads. You may want to do a little detective work beforehand, or ask for advice when the time is right! 

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After finishing singing a song, toasts are raised. While toasting (skool), it is important to make eye contact. Toasting begins from the person sitting diagonally to you on your left side, moving to the person sitting diagonally to you on your right hand side and finally to the person sitting opposite.  The glasses should not touch and empty glasses are not lifted.

There is a dance card on everyone's seat, where the names of the people with whom you intend to dance during the evening are written. Names should be written before the dancing begins. You can prepare for this by bringing a pen with you. If there is still room on the dance card, you don't have to worry about it, but you can feel free to ask for a partner's name, regardless of gender. Traditionally, the last dance is danced with your plus one. Dance pairs can be formed in any way you like, without having to follow traditional gender roles.  

After the dances, the festivities will continue in the spirit of the after party at Kasarmiklubi. 

The after party is, of course, a more informal occasion than dinner, so there is no actual etiquette. While for the after party the tie can be hidden in the chest pocket and the caps thrown in the corner, it is worth remembering the polite and dignified behavior, taking care of the comfort of other partygoers, but especially your plus one, and rejoicing in being together.  

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