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Guild Ribbon

Any member of OLO has the right to wear the guild ribbon. 

The guild ribbon is like the overalls, it is used when representing the guild in any formal event. Additionally, by buying the ribbon you support your guild. The right to wear the ribbon is granted for life, so you can wear the ribbon even after graduating. 

You can buy the OLO ry guild ribbon from for the price of 4-8 €.

The OLO ry guild ribbon is 30 mm wide and has three colors (blue on the borders, white in between and red in the middle). You can wear the ribbon depending on how you are dressed either in a straight line or as a rosette. With a suit the ribbon is worn straight across the chest and with a gown it is worn as a rosette.

When wearing the ribbon, your appearance should respect the value of the ribbon. For example, the ribbon should not touch bare skin. 

With a suit the ribbon is worn over the shirt so that it goes across the vest and tie. With a tail coat, the ribbon is worn over the vest. The ribbon is placed to run from the right shoulder to the left hip. When wearing a gown the ribbon is placed as a rosette on the left side of the chest.


The ribbon is best attached with a safety pin. When worn with a suit, it is recommended to attach the ribbon to your suspenders or shirt. 

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