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Ticket sale begins on Monday 3.10. at 14.00 in and ends on Sunday 16.10. Plus ones need to buy a separate ticket. 

The price includes a fancy dinner and drinks, the afterparty and a patch for overalls. This year sillis is not included in the price. The ticket for Sillis costs 10€ and can be bought in the same registration form as the dinner card. 


The dinner card costs:  
90€ (Member of OLO) 
100€ (Non-member) 


Please note that in order to sign up for the discounted price of OLO member, you must be a registered OLO member at When registering to the annual ball, you can add the name of your possible plus one as well as wishes for who you are seated with. Please take into consideration that the tables at the ball will be long tables. All information on the dinner card can be changed until 16.10.  


As the annual ball is held annually from now on, registration is only open to older students (from the second year onwards). This gives all students of our guild a chance to attend the annual event at least once during their studies and is a common practice for many big student guilds. However, as a freshman, you have the opportunity to get festive in the role of a staff member. As a thank you will get to participate in after party or sillis depending on your work task. Next year you freshmen will have the opportunity to attend the anniversary party just like everyone else! You can find more information about the role of staff member from “workforce” 

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