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It’s important to get the table in time! Although this is an academic celebration, the academic quarter is not known in this context, and the celebration will begin at time. If you arrive late, you must check that you are not disturbing any speech or other on going activity and go to your appropriate place without noticing.  

The ceremony masters and the chairperson greet all guests before the party begins. After that, you can find your own seat. You can find your seat on the table map, and your place at the table is determined by the name card. There is also a hand program at your place, which allows you to watch the evening and read the lyrics of the song chosen for the evening. 

Polite behaviour involves accompanying your plus one to the table and helping them sit down. It is also polite to consider your plus one in all situations during the party. When you arrive at table, it is customary to introduce yourself politely to your table party. It is desirable to socialize at the table, but it is not suitable to boller to the surrounding tables. The table is only seated when the ceremony master’s arrive last and only when the ceremony masters are seated does the whole party sit.   

The ceremony masters are in charge of the celebration, and as the rising and knocking of their ceremonial staff, the quests must quiet down. The ceremony masters will go through the general instructions at the beginning of the celebration (including toasting and leaving the table), so you don’t have to worry if you don’t remember everything before the party begins.  

The ceremony masters’  instructions must be followed with regard to enjoying your own beverages, moving around, smoking and other practical matters. They can also be contacted for any question that is unclear, and if the ceremony masters have no answer, they will at least know who to turn in the given problem. 

The dress code for the annual ball is a dark suit with academic badges of honor. Participants then wear a dark suit. A dark suit in the evening party refers only to a black, dark gray or navy blue dress, not a brown or striped suit. Underneath the suit is a white party shirt. The dark suit includes to wear a low-key and festive tie or bowtie. Also note that the tuxedo or morning coat is against the etiquette. A white tie may only be used at the ten year anniversary celebrations of OLO.

When the dress code is dark suit, you can also dress in evening dresses. This means a one-piece or two-piece full length or ankle lenght dress made of festive material. Suitable shoes are petite high heels or party sandals. Evening gloves are used less often, but they can be semi-short or short. All those who are wearing dresses, complement their outfits with a suitable hairstyle. 

 OLO ry 65v 20180324 071.jpg

Wristwatch is not used with evening dress. The handbag should be graceful, small and envelope-shaped. The handbag should be strapless and so small that it canbe held in lap during the party. According to the etiquette, the handbag should not be kept on the table, nor should be carried on the dance floor. Academic badges are also included on the etiquette along with the organization ribbon.

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