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Because annual ball is traditionally attended from the second year upwards, freshers (and of course others) also have the opportunity to tune into the annual ball atmosphere and participate in evening party, after party or sillis as a workforce. Hard work is rewarded and those working at the evening party get to participate in the after party, working at the after party allows them to attend the next day’s sillis and those working in the sillis can enjoy the previous evening’s after party and, if they wish, the sillis at the end of their shift.  

So use this unique opportunity to experience the annual ball atmosphere in the role of an employee! If you have any questions about the role of worker, contact us! We are happy to answer.  

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How to apply?

Apply for workforce!


The applying starts on Wednesday 5.10. and ends on friday 21.10. Employee search is primarily for freshmen. When you are applying to work at the annual ball, you can also specify if you want to work the same “shift” as a friend, for example. The exact tasks and shifts will be specified later.  

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